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THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE NAUGHTY!- Carolina Herrera & the new perfume

THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE NAUGHTY!- Carolina Herrera & the new perfume

Perfumer Louise Turner, famed photographer Mario Testino and supermodel Karlie Kloss, made the Good Girl perfume a raging hit. Carolina Herrera De Baez shares her journey of the new fragrance from the fashion house.


1. How does Good Girl appeal to you personally?

I loved the idea of the ‘Good Girl/Bad Girl’ duality from the beginning. Being able to explore those two aspects of the woman was what first interested me about this project. I think it’s real, and it’s a fun way to express femininity. Because no woman is just plain good or bad, the idea is that we can be both.


2. Are there ways in which you identify yourself with Good Girl and its messages?

Personally I think all women, including myself, have that duality inside them. I can relate to the idea that we’re good, but occasionally we need to be just a little ‘naughty’ to get what we want!


3. What characteristics of the Good Girl do you personify?

The same ones as every woman. The Good Girl is a woman who is complex and full of the contradictions that make us interesting. Because life would be boring if we were only one thing wouldn’t it?


4. Why was Mario Testino right for this campaign?

As well as being a great photographer, Mario understands women. He brings out the best in them. Whenever we do a launch of any kind at the House of Herrera, we want to capture the best of the woman behind it. And Mario gets it. He gets the project, he gets Carolina Herrera, he gets all of it. Why did we choose him? He loves women and takes beautiful photographs. It’s a no-brainer!


5. How does Karlie Kloss represent the Good Girl?

She has a wholesome side to her, but at the same time she can be quite cheeky. I saw that while we were shooting the TV advert. She’s approachable and she’s fun and she has a great smile. She’s good and she gives you confidence, but then she has this mischievous side to her as well, which is a lot of fun.


6. What inspired the unique shape of the bottle?

The bottle is based on a heel, because all women feel powerful when they’re wearing heels. The high heel is a physical expression of feminine confidence, sensuality and self-assurance.


7. Why is it important to inspire the Good Girl in every girl?

think it’s important to inspire both the good and the ‘bad’. Good is great, but knowing when to be a little bad sometimes (in the sense of being a bit naughty or cheeky) is also important. I think you have to have a bit of both, to embrace both sides of you, and that’s the inspirational message behind Good Girl.


8. The House of Herrera has a very clearly defined look and style in fashion, accessories and fragrance – classic simplicity and unpretentious, understated elegance. Is Good Girl a radical departure for the House from your perspective?

It’s new, but it’s definitely part of the House of Herrera story. In fact, I think she’s the perfect House of Herrera woman. We always create a woman when we create a new perfume and this woman was a lot of fun to bring to life. This fragrance plays with the classic archetype of a woman, but gives it a House of Herrera twist.


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