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About Lofficiel India

Being a powerful voice in the publishing business for almost 100 years, French fashion magazine, L’Officiel is the succinct choice for style aficionados all over the globe. Soon to celebrate its 15th year (in 2016), of its Indian operations, it has galloped into the collective memories of readers with its nuanced understanding of fash-forward trends, colours of a glamorous lifestyle, changing face of style and exotic travel, documenting the most shining examples of beauty, in keeping with the uniqueness of well-heeled women looking for a magazine, which offers more than just a reading experience.

It is a brilliant blend of unconventional yet artful motifs, which have now become a metaphor of life and are explored through the dynamics of luxury. Being the only couture magazine in the world, it covers a diverse spectrum of topics, which are not restricted to just ‘what to wear’, but also challenges cerebral women with evocative art, feminist handwriting and compelling interiors mirroring the mood of modern living.

L’Officiel India is a fashionable dialogue with holistic living, as it maps the future possibilities of ever evolving high-octane glamour, and remains a girl’s best friend with its spontaneity and creative prowess, becoming a tour de force in the world of sparkle.